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$239Cleaning, Exam, and X-rays

Affordable Care For uninsured patients, we offer our Affordable Dental Coverage

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$459/year ($45/mo.) Adult

$759/year ($70/mo.) Periodontal

$379/year ($40/mo.) Child

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Meet the Doctors

Helping west Hawaii families since 1974

Dr. Chris Bays & his wife, Janelle

Dr. Chris Bays & his wife Janelle, a dental hygienist, are former Big Island residents.

They both received their dental degrees from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Bays grew up in beautiful Whitefish, Montana & is an avid offshore fisherman, with most of his free time spent off of the Kona Coast. Janelle grew up in Minnesota & enjoys golfing, & spending time with their dogs. Janelle & Dr. Bays are proud to have two happy & healthy children.

Dr. Ellis

Dr. Ellis earned his dental degree from New York University in 1985. He served in the United States Army Dental Corps for 4 years. He holds a Masters’ degree in nutrition and board certification. Dr. Ellis had his own Dental Practice for 34 years before joining our office. He provides all aspects of dental care.

Dr. Makai Andrews

Dr. Andrews obtained her dental degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She grew up in Georgia and Alabama. She enjoys time with her two cats and loves all things nature. Being outdoors is her favorite place second only to being in the office working on smiles.

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Subscription Dental Plans

Contact our office to learn more about our Kona Coast Dental Plans. While we offer several flexible payment options at Kona Coast Dental Care, now you can save on the cost of preventive care when you take advantage of one of our dental plans. For a low monthly subscription payment, you'll get the routine dental care you need in the most affordable way possible. You'll save 15% on our other services too.

Adult Membership

(13 and Older)
As low as $45/mo. (Save at least $560.31 a year!)
  • Professional dental cleanings (2 per year)
  • Doctor exams (1-2 per year)
  • Needed x-rays
  • One emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • Fluoride treatment at each dental cleaning appointment
  • 15% Off Needed Treatments!
For patients enrolled in active periodontal maintenance due to prior treatment of periodontal (gum) disease.

Perio Membership

(Periodontal Disease)
$70.00/mo. (Save at least $736.67 a year!)
  • Perio maintenance cleanings (4 per year)
  • Doctor exams (1-2 per year)
  • Needed x-rays
  • One emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • Fluoride treatment twice per year
  • 15% Off Needed Treatments!
For patients enrolled in active periodontal maintenance due to prior treatment of periodontal (gum) disease.

Child Plan

(Children ages 3-12)
$40.00/mo. (Save at least $475.15 a year!)
  • Professional dental cleanings (2 pear year)
  • Doctor exams (1-2 per year)
  • Needed x-rays*
  • One emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • Fluoride treatment at each dental cleaning appointment
  • 15% Off Needed Treatments!

We Welcome Keikis and offer complete family dentistry for all ages

From children as young as age 1 to the elderly, our skilled dental team is familiar with the unique needs of every patient, no matter their age. Our goal is to help you and your family develop great oral habits that will last a lifetime.

Join us today and discover how our practice can help treat your entire family.

Discover how a smile makeover can change your life

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your appearance. A beautiful, bright, healthy smile will increase self-confidence and overall life satisfaction. Cosmetic dentistry includes things like tooth-colored restorations, dental implants, and whitening, orthodontics, and crowns. We have many options, so please call us today!

Restore the smile from your youth and look years younger

Thanks to advances in dental technology, we’re able to provide single-tooth restorations for a missing or failed tooth, or can provide a partial or full set of dentures custom-made to match your ideal smile. Modern ceramic materials, combined with our depth of experience make Kona Coast Dental an excellent choice for your cosmetic smile restoration!

We offer dental implants, implant-supported teeth or dentures, traditional dentures, partials, porcelain veneers, or inlays and onlays. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.

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We Provide Complete Services to

Give You Confidence in Your Smile

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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Learn More

There’s little that’s as painful as a tooth or jaw ache, so call us any time to schedule an emergency appointment. Our doctors and team love our patients and want what’s best for you, so call us today for an emergency appointment!

Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation Learn More

Experience pain-free treatments with conscious sedation. Oral sedation dentistry is an excellent treatment for patients with extensive dental needs, or who are concerned about anxiety, difficulty getting numb, or sensitive teeth.

Sealants & Fluoride

Sealants & Fluoride Learn More

Tooth decay or cavities can be a significant problem for your overall oral health. Numerous factors lead to tooth decay and there are many preventive options. Our office uses sealants to cover the deep grooves in the back teeth and extend their life while preventing cavities. We also provide fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Learn More

Many everyday things like coffee, tea and wine can significantly dull teeth. Smile-whitening enables us to significantly brighten your smile for that dazzling white smile you deserve.

We offer both in-office whitening that is safe and fast and administered by professionals and a convenient home kit to whiten at home.

Dental Technology

Dental Technology Learn More

Kona Coast Dental is committed to providing you with the latest technology in dentistry to ensure your smile will last a lifetime. We offer digital x-rays for the utmost precision while lessening your exposure to radiation. We also provide state-of-the-art antiseptic procedures to ensure your safety during treatment.

Dentures & Implants

Dental Implants Learn More

Dental implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth, improving chewing ability, eliminating bridges, and replacing dentures.

Several implants may provide a base for a series of artificial teeth known as a fixed bridge. Implants can even be used to secure a full set of removable or fixed dentures for people who have no remaining natural teeth.

Orthodontics for All Ages

Orthodontics for All Ages Learn More

Straight teeth and a revitalized smile is about more than your appearance. We offer straight-wire orthodontics for all ages at our practice. Whether you’re a child, teen, or adult, having a smile you can be proud of will enhance your self-esteem and overall health.

Mercury Free

Mercury-Free Restoration Learn More

The common silver filling contains mercury. Our practice uses the highest-quality biocompatible, tooth-colored restorations to create healthy, beautiful smiles. Since the composite material adheres directly to the tooth enamel, less preparation of the tooth is required before using it. This means it is more durable and provides a more natural-looking result.

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We’re in network for all major insurance providers

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